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Choosing suitable music for your civil or church wedding ceremony can sometimes be a demanding task. Ray from The Rondo Trio will help you tailor-make the music you like to suit your particular ceremony and / or  reception needs. We offer a number of packages at affordable prices while always ensuring you get a reliable music service so that your dream wedding day is filled with joy and a day to remember  !

                  Autumn Garden Parties

Summer / Autumn means garden parties, and Ireland does these well! Green lawns, picnic buffets and endless bottles of Prosecco are staple ingredients. Live music ties all this together and with a line-up of Flute, Violin, Soprano Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone, all professional musicians playing an easy listening repertoire of styles ranging from old standards to lively contemporary, creates a beautiful party atmosphere every bit as tasty as strawberries and cream. It's a smart choice to hire musicians who can perform different types of music and that is why The Rondo Trio exactly fits the bill and at an affordable price too.

Let us quote for your party before it is too late. The Rondo Trio music is usually a multi-instrumental form of music and a live performance at your wedding is much classier and better than playing recorded music.

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