The Cake Cost How Much?

Imagine spending €100,000 on your wedding cake. Not the whole shebang, not the rings, not even the dress, but the cake, which nobody eats. In a recent episode of Extremes Cheapskates, a tight-fisted bride had three tiers of polystyrene cubes "iced" with pastel modelling clay and decorated with ribbons and fresh flowers. It looked fantastic in the pictures, everybody clapped when the couple pretended to cut it and nobody noticed that they didn't get a slice with their tea.

A recent newspaper article tells the story that an Irish Bride did actually spend €100,000 on her (edible) wedding cake. Apparently the cake came from an exclusive New York bakery known for its "statement" cakes. The owner, Sylvia Weinstock, baked it herself, personally oversaw the packing of the confection into 20 boxes, and then she and a team of assistants flew with it to Dublin. At the wedding hotel the team reassembled its six tiers beneath a towering two-metre cascade of edible flowers.

Presumably,the wedding guests did sample it with their tea/coffee !